Donald Trump has updated his US coronavirus travel ban to now include the UK and Ireland and confirmed that he has undergone tests for the disease.

While it is good to see the president taking some responsibility on this very serious issue there are still some things that his administration needs to improve on, such as basic hygiene.

During Saturday's press conference at the White House, surgeon turned secretary of housing and urban development, Ben Carson, took to the stage to address the administration's ongoing efforts against the virus.

Except within just a few seconds of his speech he had already coughed, spread germs on the podium and touched his face, which are some of the key things that the experts have told everyone not to do.

The fact that Carson is a brain surgeon and still did this is perhaps the most shocking aspect of the entire clip. Of all people, he should know better, but then again this new way of living might take a while for even the experts to get used to. Regardless, people were aghast to see Carson use such poor hygiene at a crucial time.

Speaking of Trump, the president has clarified why he has continued to shake hands during the pandemic, admitting that it is just human nature but that we all need to stop.

That hasn't stopped The Daily Show putting together a scathing compilation of all of the moments that Trump has shaken hands with people during the outbreak.

At the time of writing, the United States has confirmed more than 2,900 cases of coronavirus and 60 deaths since the first case was reported in the country on January 21.

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