'The last letters spell rats!': Republicans literally grasping at straws for ways to shade Democrats at CPAC

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In terms of Trump's most loyal and vocal supporters, few are stranger than Diamond and Silk, two middle-aged black women who have seized an opportunity to appeal to African-American conservatives.

The pair, who are regulars on Fox News and InfoWars, were Democrats until 2015 but then made a dramatic shift to Trumpism by utilising social media and the right-wing ecosystem to promote arguments that are quite frankly nonsensical but somehow found an audience.

Unsurprisingly Donald Trump is a big fan of them and their status has grown to the point that they are now talking at CPAC, America's most prominent conservative conference, which is currently happening in Washington.

During their speech to the audience at the event, they came up with an insult for Democrats which to say was "clutching at straws" would be an understatement.

This is literally a quote from their speech:

The last four letters in 'Democrats' spell 'rats.' R-A-T-S.

Their symbol happens to be a donkey. Did y'all know that? Their symbol is donkey.

To you Democrats; you might make an ass out of you but you are won't make an ass out of us. 

No, you wont. Not to us.

You can keep your free stuff because we don't want it. 

I mean, wow! They are not wrong but is that the best they had?

If you thought that was something wait until you hear what they made of the word 'Republican.'

Now, the last four letters in Republican is 'I can.' Think about it y'all. 'I CAN.'

I can think for myself. I can pull myself up by my bootstraps and I can obtain the American dream. 

A clip of this moment has now been viewed more than 300,000 times on Twitter and people think that they might have lost a few IQ points after listening to it.

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