10 totally ludicrous things Trump's children have said about the election since he lost

10 totally ludicrous things Trump's children have said about the election since he lost

Donald Trump has lost the 2020 presidential election and Joe Biden is now the president-elect, despite what his administration or numerous Republicans might say.

Biden has surpassed the 270 electoral college votes required for a candidate to become president but at the time of writing the president and his team in the White House have yet to acknowledge this fact or congratulate the Democrat and concede power.

All the noise coming from the Trump side is that the election was rigged and that the Democrats committed electoral fraud in the states that Biden successfully flipped. So far, they have been unable to produce any sort of evidence to support these claims and have had several legal cases already dismissed or dropped. Even if there is a recount in some states, there is a very small likelihood that it would swing the election in Trump's favour as historically recounts don't drastically change results, especially with the margin that Biden currently holds over Trump.

Many have been aghast at the president's reactions in the past few days but as we have documented, he has long 'joked' that he wouldn't accept the election result if it didn't go in his favour. That being said, his children have been parroting much of the same lines as his father about baseless conspiracy theories. Here's are some of the most eyebrow-raising and ludicrous things they have said so far.

Donald Trump Jr

Trump eldest son is one of his most vocal and outspoken supporters on social media and that's not always to his credit.

Just a day after the election result was announced he was already raising doubts by equating the results to allegations lobbied against his father, that he had assistance from Russia to win the 2016 election. An investigation into these claims found that there was no interference from Russia but it did not exonerate the president.

Despite this Trump Jr still thought it was necessary to bring up the investigation again as if to suggest that the 2020 election was somehow fixed, despite there being zero evidence.

Trump Jr repeated this just a few days later when he called Bloomberg 'f**king clowns' for publishing an article on the Trump administrations' efforts to pour doubt and override the result of the election, comparing it to the lengths the Democrats went to try and oust his father from office.

Just a day later, when it was announced that a trail coronavirus vaccine had been found to be 90 per cent successful in combatting the disease, he suggested that the timing of the news was suspicious as it came after the election and would have been a topic that his father could have campaigned on.

On the same day, Trump Jr shared a bunch of numbers that somehow showed that the votes Biden achieved were somehow illegitimate because he outperformed Trump in key swing states. It was widely reported, even before election day, that more Americans were set to vote in this election than anything previously seen. This resulted in Biden gaining the most votes for any presidential candidate ever but it should also be said that Trump also overperformed and gained more votes than he achieved in 2016.

Eric Trump

Eric is almost as vocal as his older brother but isn't quite as savvy on social media and often leaves himself prone to making the odd and totally inexplicable mistake.

Perhaps the most ridiculous thing to happen in this post-election cycle was when Eric Trump tweeted, exactly one week after the election, for people in Minnesota to 'get out and vote.' He soon deleted the tweet which had clearly been scheduled for the wrong day but people aren't likely to forget this for quite some time.

Before that, Eric claimed, without any evidence that the Democratic Party was deliberately spamming the voter fraud hotline that Trump's team have set up for anyone to report any irregularities that they might have witnessed. It is true that the hotline has been inundated with prank phone calls of completely fabricated stories but there is nothing to suggest that these calls were being orchestrated by the Democrats.

On Wednesday, Eric shared a clearly cropped video shared by the North Carolina Republican Party, of Joe Biden saying 'we have put together...the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organisation in the history of American politics.' Eric added 'It's all starting to crumble.'

The Washington Post debunked this video. What Biden actually said in the original clip is that the voter fraud organisation had been put together to counteract and prevent any type of voter fraud, especially the type that Trump has been accusing the Democrats of since the election and indeed before it.

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump has not been as vocal on this issue and doesn't use social media to share baseless conspiracies and retweet anyone who agrees with her father. That being said she hasn't been completely innocent of making some bizarre statements since the election.

Before the result was called for Biden but when momentum had clearly shifted towards the Democrat, Ivanka tweeted to say that 'Every legally cast vote should be counted. Every illegally cast vote should not.' She claimed that this was 'not a partisan statement' but the timing of the tweet was certainly suspicious given that Republicans were already starting to make a lot of noise about illegal votes.

Following this, on Tuesday she tweeted her delight after her father was projected by the Associated Press to be the winner of Alaska. There wouldn't appear to be much wrong here but she was accused of hypocrisy after celebrating the win, as even her own father had tweeted his anger after outlets like the Associated Press had called the election for Biden on Saturday.

Away from the election, Ivanka also falsely gave credit to her father for the breakthrough in the coronavirus vaccine. On Monday, she credited the 'tireless work of Operation Warp Speed' and their partnership with Pfizer, the pharmaceutical company whose trail vaccine has had a 90 per cent success rate for helping with the vaccine.

Forbes debunked this claim from Ivanka as 'Operation Warp Speed' and the Trump administration had offered Pfizer no support whatsoever, other than promising to buy 100 million doses of the vaccine. Ivanka was called out for this but still claimed that she was right, adding 'be happy, this is a great day for health!'

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