Donald Trump Jr has found himself being ridiculed on social media after sharing a video from his bed complaining about his posts getting 'crushed.'

The president's son shared a video on Instagram on Sunday complaining about Instagram and the algorithm hiding his posts as he had clearly noticed a sudden drop in interactions.

The 42-year-old said:

Hey, guys hope you’re doing well. Just watching my algorithm get crushed. I guess I did something to p**s off the Instagram gods. Hopefully, you’re seeing this stuff anyway. We’ll do what we can. Talk to you soon!

He added in the caption of the post:

In IG jail. Watching my post get about 20 per cent of what they were getting last week so if you want turn on post notifications that way maybe you’ll at least see my stuff.

He has also recently claimed that Twitter was 'throttling' his output and that he was now getting less retweets than what he usually would.

As this was Trump Jr people had little sympathy for him and even more so because of just how bizarre the video was.

Both Trump Jr and the president have been complaining as of late about social media sites censoring some content following the controversy around a contentious story published by the New York Post about Joe Biden's son, Hunter that even Fox News passed on over credibility concerns. Trump even shared a fake story from a satirical news website claiming that Twitter was shut down to stop the spread of negative news about Biden.

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