No, Trump didn't say the president should be impeached if Dow Jones lost 1,000 points in two days

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B​etween October 10 - 11 in 2018, the Dow Jones Industrial Index dropped 1,378 points in value, which caused a supposed 2012 screenshot of a Trump tweet to be recirculated.

The tweet, which was supposedly from the president, said:

If the Dow drops 1,000 points in two days the President should be impeached immediately!

Since the Dow Jones had dropped by more than 1,000 points in two days, many social media users shared the tweet as a way of suggesting that the president should therefore resign.

There were a huge number of people on social media making the suggestion.

However, since the screenshots were circulated, it's become apparent that there is no record of the president ever having tweeted such a thing, and there is no evidence that he actually did, reports Snopes.

In the first instance, the tweet is strikingly similar to another that was proved to be a hoax, after another massive loss in the Dow Jones in February 2018. After that hoax, Shaun Usher, who runs the "Letters of Note" blog, admitted to having faked an "old Trump tweet" from 2015, in which the then-presidential candidate reportedly said:

If the Dow Joans [sic] ever falls more than 1000 “points” in a Single Day the sitting president should be “loaded” into a very big cannon and Shot into the sun at TREMENDOUS SPEED! No excuses!

Another argument that seems to prove that the 2012 tweet was faked is that its authenticity seems to rest solely on one Twitter user, who would have taken a screenshot of it between 6 November 2012 to 11 October 2018, before it could have been deleted, reports Snopes.

Thirdly, the person who shared the first example of the screenshot has a recorded history of sharing anti-Trump 'sharebait'. The first instance of its appearance on Twitter was shared on October 11, and it implored readers to:

retweet and like to spread this old Trump tweet.

In the leadup to the tweet, Allen had also shared nine separate call-outs on Twitter imploring people to read and share his content, reports Snopes.

The evidence isn't completely conclusive, however, it does seem to point to the conclusion that Allen faked the tweet.

indy100 has reached out to Travis Allen in order to see whether he will confirm to faking the 2012 Trump tweet.

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