From schools to air conditioning, here are the 10 things Trump just claimed won't exist if Biden wins the election

As the election draws closer, the Trump campaign machine shows no sign of slowing, with rallies taking place on a daily basis.

Yesterday's instalment was in Green Bay, Wisconsin, a state which only narrowly voted for Trump in 2016 but which polls now indicate is leaning heavily towards Biden.

Trump pulled out all the stops, from ranting about Ilhan Omar to bragging about "bringing back 'Merry Christmas'".

But in what was perhaps the oddest moment, Trump decided to offer his encouraging audience a pretty varied list of very specific stuff that will apparently no longer exist if Biden wins the election.

Here's all the things Trump suggested would be extinct without him:

🥶 "Heating in the winter"

🥵 "Air conditioning in the summer"

⚡ "Electricity"

🚌 "School"

🎓 "Graduations"

💒 "Weddings"

🦃 "Thanksgiving"

🎄 "Christmas"

🇺🇸 "Fourth of July"

🔮 "Future"

See for yourself:

The first three claims were to back up his conviction that people are "so lucky to have me as president".

And round two related to a conoravirus lockdown, which Trump seems to think is unnecessary, despite he himself testing postitive for Covid-19 just last month, and a death toll of 230,000 from the virus in the US at the time of writing.

People were understandably baffled by the bizarre rant, and couldn't help but ridicule the hyperbole.

Others found it less amusing.

It's not the first time the president has made pretty outlandish claims about what Biden would do if her were to win the presidency (lest we forget about his strange fixation with Biden wanting to shrink everyone's windows), but it is perhaps the first time he's offered quite this many guesses in a row.

While it's true that weddings may have to wait a while due to, you know, a global pandemic regardless of who wins the election, we're willing to guess your air conditioning will probably be fine.

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