Trump supporters rally in Washington

A Pro-Trump group which aims to help supporters of the president find a ride to a protest against the election result has already been taken over by internet trolls.

The “Patriot Caravans for 45” group, which is hosted on a right-wing social media site CloutHub, grew in prominence this week after it was promoted by former 8chan administrator Ron Watkins.

The campaigners are trying to send as many Trump supporters as possible to Washington DC on 6 January 2021, which is when Congress will meet to formally count the votes of the Electoral College and finalise the election result.

But the attempts to carpool to the capital are already being trolled online by people sharing memes, mocking Trump fans and also posing as them.

One user, known as Freedomfighter1234, has frequently posted in the group despite having most of their comments deleted.

The troll stayed in character when speaking to the Daily Dot, claiming to be a "patriot" doing "God's work to join caravans wherever they need me."

"I have recruited 3.14 people and have been offered a sandwich," Freedomfighter1234 said.

"People here are very kind and do not smell at all."

Another troll, RoudeyFr, told the Daily Dot they "figured it'd be a fun diversion for a bit".

RoudeyFr has been asking if any members want to “horsepool” to DC on a fictitious horse called "Mario Lopez".

The @CopingMAGA Twitter account, which shares how Trump supporters are coping with the election loss, helped drive trolls to the page by sharing sign-up information to its more than 150,000 followers.

The president himself also endorsed the protest last week in a tweet that was flagged by the platform.

With no further tenable legal recourse, Trump and his supporters still appear to be refusing to accept the election loss.

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