Even if you aren't a fan of Elvis Presley and his music, you will undoubtedly be familiar with his legendary catchphrase "Elvis has left the building."

Well, it appears that Donald Trump is completely unaware of the exact phrasing of that slogan as he managed to completely botch it at a special event at the White House on Friday night.

Presley was being honoured as part Medal of Freedom ceremony, where the deceased rock 'n' roll singer was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest civilian honour in the United States.

When talking about Presley, Trump recounted a particularly boisterous concert that he attended back in 'The King's' heyday. The president said:

The fans were ripping the place apart.

Screaming, they were going crazy and they announced 'Elvis has left the house'.

If they didn't say that, I think I'd still be there, I wouldn't be here. But they had to do that. 

Elvis has gone. Elvis has left.

Now that may very well be what Trump heard on that occasion but given how famous that catchphrase is, Trump's rendition just didn't sound right.

Predictably, Trump began to get roasted on Twitter for this misquote.

There were more than a few jokes at Trump's expense.

The song that Trump chose to honour Presley was also curious.

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