8 ridiculous and horrifying things Trump said in his latest Fox News interview

8 ridiculous and horrifying things Trump said in his latest Fox News interview
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On Thursday night, president Trump took part in a disturbing and ridiculous interview with Fox News.

During his phone-in interview with Sean Hannity, the president called in to discuss his condition but dodged some important questions on that matter.

Trump, now out of the hospital, spent four days at Walter Reed Medical Center being treated for Covid-19.

He told Hannity that, since being released, he has been tested for the virus. Trump said: “I just saw the doctor yesterday, they think I’m in great shape.”

He was asked whether he’d had a negative coronavirus test yet but he avoided the question. Instead, he spoke at length about Regeneron – a drug he claims ‘cures’ the virus.

Despite refusing to say whether he’d tested negative, Trump said that he hopes to hold rallies in Florida and Pennsylvania this weekend.

Asked once again about a negative test, he said that “they found very little infection or virus if any”. He explained: “I didn’t go into it greatly with the doctors”.

Trump then spoke about debating Joe Biden.

It looks like the second presidential debate won’t happen after Trump refused to partake virtually.

Instead, he suggested that he would do it if a “fair anchor” like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham or Tucker Carlson were to moderate it.

Then, in a bizarre turn, Trump falsely accused the governor of Virgina – democrat Ralph Northam – of wanting to murder babies.

What’s going on is so bad, so evil. The governor of Virginia said we will execute the baby after the baby is born. You know, we talk about late term abortion. This is early execution. It’s a very, very bad thing.

An Associated Press fact check of a similar claim last week found it to be a gross distortion of Northam's position.

Trump moved on to discuss governor Gretchen Whitmer and the plot by militia groups to kidnap and execute her. He attacked Whitmer for complaining about it.

She’s complaining but it’s our justice department that arrested the people she was complaining about. It was my justice department that arrested them but instead, she goes and does her little political act.

Trump later accused the governor of Michigan of doing a "terrible" in her state.

The president then made a claim that the drugs he was treated with would soon be delivered “free of charge” to hospitals by the military.

He swiftly moved on from this outlandish claim to clumsily discuss Biden’s tax increases.

In a truly bizarre moment, Trump accused California of having to ration water because they want to take care of “certain little, tiny fish”.

California is gonna have to ration water. You wanna know why? Because they send millions of gallons of water out to sea, out to the Pacific. Because they want to take care of certain little tiny fish that aren't doing very well without water.

The interview then went from the bizarre to the outright disturbing, Trump referred to Pence's refusal to commit to a peaceful transition of power as his "best answer" in the vice presidential debate.

We're still trying to comprehend some of the ridiculous things the president said.

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