13 of the strangest moments from Trump's latest Fox News interview

13 of the strangest moments from Trump's latest Fox News interview

On Sunday, Trump sat down for another interview with Fox News and although it wasn't as weird as his recent appearances on the network, it still raised a few eyebrows.

Speaking to Mark Levin on the Life, Liberty & Levin show, Trump covered a variety of topics including the election, coronavirus and the media, even lashing out at Fox News at one point.

The first subject was that of a potential coronavirus vaccine, which the president hopes could be released by the end of the year.

However, scepticism from the Democrats on the effectiveness of this as yet non-existent vaccine prompted Trump to accuse them of "denigrating" the vaccine, adding:

Instead of saying, 'Wow, that's great. It's going to save a lot of lives and people are going to be protected, and this whole thing will end faster' ... They started denigrating it.

Things then just got stranger from there as Levin seemed to get confused about who is actually in charge at the White House at the moment when he said the "Harris Biden administration."

This appeared to completely throw Trump off and even the president seemed to doubt whether he was in the White House at the moment.

This actually stems back to a few days ago, when Biden said the "Harris Biden Administration" during a speech.

Trump claimed that he would never say something like that and that Biden "doesn't know that he's alive."

You know and I know it, Joe doesn't know that he's alive. If you asked him that question with teleprompters I don't think he could answer the question. 

Who would ever say such a thing? I've been here for quite a while now. Almost four years. I've never said the 'Pence Trump administration' it's so unnatural. Who would say what he said? You would think its impossible unless there is something wrong. 

What followed next was around five minutes of spreading fear-mongering over how some states will struggle to deal with mail-in ballots, with Trump then launching into an attack on the media, including Fox News who he said has now become "politically correct."

Worryingly, Trump then bragged about changing libel laws that have been in place in America since the 1960s so he can threaten to sue media outlets that he claims are publishing 'fake news' about him.

I would love to strengthen up the libel laws so when the New York Times writes one of its many fake stories you can sue them and have a substantial chance of winning.

Trump is then asked about the economy but somehow ends up talking about the ongoing riots in the United States and claims that his administration could put down the protests in Portland in 'minutes'.

All of this crime, whether it's Chicago or Portland...Portland's different. That's kind of an anarchist thing. We could put that down so quickly. Minutes. Literally minutes like we did in Minneapolis. What we did in Minneapolis was incredible. We had that thing put out in half an hour. In Portland it would be even easier. We could do that so fast. Everyone of these cities that has problems is run by Democrats.

Trump then moved on to talk about the devastating wildfires in California and claimed that leaders of so-called 'forest nations' have contacted him to say that they don't understand how something like that can keep happening. Of course, it's all down to 'forest management.'

Trump then seems to suggest of a way of dealing with the California fires, which is apparently a 'massive valve up north' which is currently being used to protect a 'tiny little fish which is doing very poorly.'

After listening to this, Levin tells Trump he is talking "common sense."

Trump then moves on randomly transitions from talking about a mass shooting in Chicago to troops serving in Afghanistan.

Trump also claims that president Xi of China and Vladimir Putin would be jealous of the weapons that the United States has at their disposal.

I said this the other day, it's very interesting: We have weapons so incredible, so powerful, so advanced that president Xi of China, Putin, everyone, they'd be so jealous.

Trump then talks about his generals and criticises his former national security advisor, John Bolton, who he calls a "stupid person" and would have apparently have gotten us into 'World War 5' by now.

And on that note, another wild Trump interview was in the bag.

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