Fox News broadcast was interrupted by football fans chanting 'F*** Trump'

The US women’s football (or “soccer” in those parts) team have done it again. The team have lifted the World Cup trophy for the fourth time, having triumphed over the Netherlands in the highly anticipated final.

The US’s involvement in the World Cup has been surrounded by politics, after president Trump insisted that the team should visit the White House if they win, which prompted star player Megan Rapinoe to suggest she wouldn’t accept such an invitation.

Trump’s pal Piers Morgan got in on the act too, suggesting Rapinoe should only comment on politics once she wins.

Which… Well.

Following team US’s victory, and the politicisation of their World Cup run, Fox News sent a reporter to a French bar to capture the post-match buzz.

But things didn’t go as planned for the notoriously conservative news network.

Football fans started chanting “f*** Trump” at the top of their lungs during the live broadcast.

On Twitter, people found the clip hilarious.

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