Trump accused of making a 'creepy' and 'misogynistic' gesture after saying the word 'woman'

Trump accused of making a 'creepy' and 'misogynistic' gesture after saying the word 'woman'

Trump is known for his bizarre mannerisms (have you ever seen him drinking water? Or shaking hands?)

One thing he’s particularly known for are his hand gestures. He loves waving his hands all over the place to express himself when he goes on a rant about China, Democrats, Hillary Clinton or any of his favourite topics.

Now Trump’s raising eyebrows with a particular hand gesture he made shortly after saying the word “woman”.

Trump was speaking to reporters about his intention to pick a woman to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the US Supreme Court. Republicans and Democrats are locked in battle over whether Trump’s eventual pick should be voted on by the senate, or whether the president elected on 3 November should pick the next nominee. It's very heated and tense.

Shortly after saying the word "woman", Trump made a gesture with two of his hands which has got people talking.

Take a look for yourself...

Lots of people have commented that the president (a man known for saying the phrase "grab em by the pussy") made a gesture which is similar to a certain part of the body.

And it's grossing people out. Some social media users even described it as "creepy" and "misogynistic", while others think it's just plain weird.

It's certainly too much to expect Trump to be politically correct, but a bizarre gesture of this kind seems strange even for him.

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