Trump mocks his own son by sharing Greenland meme

Trump mocks his own son by sharing Greenland meme

Donald Trump has inadvertently made a fool of his own son after his latest absurd tweet about Greenland.

Greenland is not for sale and yet that has not stopped the president from repeatedly suggesting he has the intention of buying it.

Some have suggested the president views Greenland purely as a place to expand his business empire but Trump took to Twitter to refute this notion.

There was just one tiny issue with this. Eric Trump’s Instagram shared the exact same picture but with a different caption.

I don’t know about you guys but I love the concept of buying Greenland.

Eric is in charge of the Trump Organisation along with his brother Donald Trump Jr. so this mixed messaging is fairly embarrassing.

More baffling still is the fact that all this was going down while Eric’s wife, Lara, was in labour.

Their new daughter, another Eric, was born on Monday. Astonishingly, she is the president’s tenth grandchild.

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