Even though he is no longer president, Donald Trump still finds ways to champion his own accomplishments and criticise the media for reporting on the news.

On Monday evening, the ex-president appeared on conservative radio host Todd Starnes show and complained that the likes of CNN and MSNBC were reporting on the devastation caused by Hurricane Ida instead of what he called his ‘great agreement’ with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

A ranting Trump told Starnes: “All they talked about was the hurricane. You look at CNN and you look at MSDNC [sic], these are horrible. Unfortunately, they’re way down in ratings, but all they wanna talk about is the hurricane or anything else they can talk about.

“Afghanistan is not even something that can even be discussed in a rational way. The level of stupidity — and we had a great agreement.”

Trump’s so-called ‘great agreement’ was that US forces would withdraw from Afghanistan within 14 months as long as the Taliban did not harm any Americans, a deal that Trump brokered with the Taliban’s leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar.

Trump added: “We would have hit them so hard, and they knew that Abdul knew that. I would have taken the equipment out, I would have taken the people out, and then we would have bombed every base but Bagram”

The former POTUS spent the majority of the time criticising Joe Biden over the Afghanistan debacle and claimed the whole world is “laughing” at the United States for the withdrawal which he thinks was done without “dignity” or “victory”.

This comes just a few weeks after Biden blamed Trump for putting the Taliban in the strongest military position they have been in since 2001. Trump has since accused the Biden administration of not following the plan left by his own team.

Trump ended his rant by accusing the media of being “corrupt” and “hating” the United States for covering Hurricane Ida instead of complimenting his agreement with the Taliban. He added: “The media, which is fake and crooked and corrupt, they’re the worst people, they’re the most corrupt people. The only thing I don’t understand is why. They’ve got to hate our country. And they are, in fact, the enemy of the people. But the corrupt media shows the hurricane all night long.”

US troops have now completely withdrawn from Afghanistan and although that is still a pertinent and newsworthy issue so is the threat of Hurricane Ida which has ravaged the Gulf Coast since making landfall on Sunday.

The category 4 hurricane, which has since been downgraded to a tropical storm battered the state of Louisana and has left at least one person dead and damaged around one million homes, some of which could be left without power for three weeks.

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