Fox News hosts tried to attack a Trump impeachment witness for ‘drinking a lot of water’

Fox News hosts tried to attack a Trump impeachment witness for ‘drinking a lot of water’

Fox News commentators have tried to mock an impeachment witness because he drank a lot of water…

As the case against Donald Trump grows, Fox News has been going to increasingly deranged lengths to avoid talking about evidence of the president’s alleged misconduct with Ukraine.

And on Wednesday, Laura Ingraham and Raymond Arroyo broke new ground by laughing at State Department official George Kent for supposedly being unreasonably thirsty.

With a chyron which said “Dems’ Embarrassing Display of Partisan Theatrics”, Fox News showed clip after clip of Kent drinking water as Arroyo compared his bottle to a “water silo”…

“Fish are not this hydrated!” Arroyo scoffed.

If there’s one thing we love more than government accountability, it’s a well-hydrated man.

Of course, it is true that Kent does have a very big water bottle – he’s a smart enough man to know the importance of good hydration – but there were surely more important points for Fox News to talk about.

Although other people picked up on Kent’s monster bottle as well (it’s a 48oz Wide Mouth Silo by Nalgene, by the way), they tended to look at it as an endearing quirk.

And obviously, laughing at a man for drinking water is not the strong attack line Fox News seems to think it is.

However, the testimonies did bring up a lot of damaging moments for someone else - Trump.

Kent told Congress there was “no factual basis” to Trump’s corruption allegations against his 2020 rival Joe Biden and that he believes Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer, was looking to “dig up political dirt” in Ukraine.

While Bill Taylor, the top US diplomat in Ukraine, dropped a surprise new detail that Trump was overheard by a member of his staff discussing “the investigations” of Biden with his EU ambassador Gordon Sondland.

You can see a dramatic recap of day one of the hearings below:

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