Trump fans were asked if they have read the 'Ukraine transcript' and their answers will shock you

Trump fans were asked if they have read the 'Ukraine transcript' and their answers will shock you

One of Donald Trump's biggest call to arms during this entire impeachment saga has been to tell his loyal supporters to read the transcript from his infamous phone call with the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky​.

Whenever he is asked about the impeachment vote, Trump has resorted to asking his fans to read exactly what he and Zelensky said to each other, in the hope that they will all see the truth.

You would think that would go against Trump as there is some pretty dodgy stuff within that so-called transcript, which we should add is more of a White House memo, but Trump fans being Trump fans are more than happy to turn a blind eye.

However, when The Daily Show sent their election correspondent, Jordan Klepper to a Trump rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania, to ask his fans if they had done the president's bidding and read the transcript, the results were eye-opening.

Not only do the supporters think the impeachment is 'bulls**t' they also haven't read the transcript, which definitely won't please the president.

Of course, when it comes to videos like this, there is always an element scepticism as it is blatantly only a small number of people and there would probably be at least one person they spoke to who would have read the transcript.

That being said, the ignorance of the supporters who were spoken to was pretty shocking especially the man who said:

I don't have to [read the transcript]. Everyone else has. I can read it if I need to but...

Pay attention and think for yourself. Yeah, don't be a sheep and think for yourself. 

An extended version of the clip sees Klepper interact with more Trump fans, one of whom appears to be promoting that all of the Trumps would become president but only for one term.

Good grief...

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