Trump inexplicably tweeted that he should be impeached and everyone agrees with him for once

Sirena Bergman@SirenaBergman
Wednesday 16 October 2019 09:15

Donald Trump has sent perhaps him most bizarre tweet yet, requesting that... he be impeached.

And not in a subtle, open-to-interpretation way. He literally tweeted "Impeach the Pres".

It was tacked onto the end of a very caps-heavy brag about how great the economy is doing, but obviously no one was talking about that bit.

On the plus side, it looks like he's won over lots of people who never thought they'd find themselves agreeing with a Trump tweet.

Although there were some who took the time to dismantle his original claims instead.

"Impeach the Pres", though. When it comes to self-burns, Trump may have just won everything.

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