Trump has an inaccurate election map on his desk to 'make him feel better'

Donald Trump will this week become only the third president in history to face a Senate impeachment trial, which is a pretty big occasion but we can imagine that he's not exactly celebrating the event.

Like a normal person, he'll probably be trying to seek reassurance from absolutely anyone possible, including his family and aides.

Yet, Trump is far from being a normal person and rather than seeking counsel from a person he has apparently taken to looking at an electoral map of the United States which isn't even accurate.

As pointed out by Seth Meyers on his Late Night show, Trump held an event in the White House's Oval Office on 16 January, which was intended to promote prayers in public schools.

However, for some unknown reason a map, supposedly of the 2016 election results in every US county was just lying there on his desk. Meyers determined that the map was given to Trump as a way of calming him down.

Basically, they gave him that map the way that parents give their kid a maze and crayons at a restaurant.

The weirdest thing about this charade was that the map just sat there and Trump never mentioned it. 

It was just there to entertain him and make him feel better. 

As previously reported by sites such as Washington Post in 2017 and Vox earlier this week, the map is completely and utterly wrong, as it presents a mostly red map of America wrongly labels some counties as backing Trump when they actually voted for Hillary Clinton.

The map wasn't only noticed by Meyers, many people on Twitter also picked up on what was going on and set about debunking this flagrant abuse of cartography and information.

Meyers joked that Trump should go one step further and include the rest of the world on the map to cheer himself up.

Look, everyone, I also won Greenland, Turkey and the Caspian Sea!

Watch Meyers entire segment in the video below.

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