You hardly need us to tell you now but Donald Trump has a way with words unlike anyone else on the planet.

Whether it's calling Prince Charles the 'prince of whales' or inventing an entirely new word like 'covfefe', the president's vocabulary knows no bounds.

Now he has added another string to his bow by introducing the word 'infantroopen' to the English language.

This occurred while the president was giving a speech about Mark Esper, his new defence secretary, who was awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge for his service during the first Iraq war.

However, when Trump tried to explain this in his speech he completely botched the line and said the words 'combat infantroopen badge' instead.

Trump, who seemed to be having some trouble with his dentures during the speech, then made another mistake when he said 'lawmarker' instead of 'lawmakers'.

Predictably the internet soon caught wind of this and it generated a lot of hilarious memes.

HT Yahoo

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