This is the Trump insurrection commercial Fox News doesn’t want you to see

This is the Trump insurrection commercial Fox News doesn’t want you to see
Photo courtesy of Meidas Touch/YouTube

MeidasTouch, a liberal political action committee, said that Fox News declined an ad that they created that talks about the insurrection of Capitol Hill on January 6.

The video called “GOP Betrayed America” highlights Capitol Hill police officers as they detail their experiences dealing with the insurrectionists. With images interwoven into each scene, officers noted that they were sprayed bear mace and pepper spray and called traitors.

Another officer mentioned that she received chemical burns to her face that have not fully healed yet.

The ad also showed images of elected officials such as Mitch McConnell shedding light on the “whitewashing” and disregard for the atrocities that happened on that day.

On Monday, MSNBC anchor Brian Williams showcased the video to his viewers while adding some commentary.

“We have a pretty good reach too, so we’ve chosen to air it tonight. “While you watch, ask yourself what isn’t factual about it, which people in it aren’t real,” Williams said in what appeared to be a jab at those who wanted to downplay the insurrection, including Fox News.

The ad was a powerful message aimed at GOP deniers and others as the officers recount the horrors they experienced from the rioters that day. And Williams’ endorsement of the ad shed more light on the reality.

“It’s about the attempt to overturn our election ― the insurrection of 1-6 ― and the story is told by those in the fight,” he added.

People were delighted to see Williams broadcast the full ad on his segment.

As a result, more people decided to retweet the commercial and express similar sentiments.

According to the Los Angeles Times, MeidasTouch reserved almost $185,000 of air time for Fox News between June 6 and June 15, including a week on “Fox and Friends.”

The PAC also told the outlet that they were informed on Friday that the ad would not run on the channel.

Reportedly, a Fox News spokesperson noted that this wasn’t the first time the conservative network denied a MeidasTouch ad.

MeidasTouch, which has over 589,700 followers on Twitter, was created in April 2020 by three brothers ( who are lifelong Democrats) during quarantine. The goals of the PAC are to protect American Democracy, hold Republicans accountable for what was done wrong, and defeating Trumpism.

They also helped Democrats win the Georgia runoff and 2020 presidential elections.

Check out their full ad below.

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