In an unprecedented move, Donald Trump has tweeted his support for Iranian protestors in Persian after people took the streets of Tehran after it was revealed that a Ukrainian passenger plane was mistakenly shot down, killing 176 people.

In a Saturday afternoon rant, the president posted two tweets, in both English and Farsi, praising the people of Iran, adding that he and the US government will continue to support them, while also lamenting the Iranian regime, claiming 'world is watching' the scenes currently unfolding in the country.

Trump's tweets in Farsi were possibly rendered through Google Translate as it is highly unlikely that the president knows a single word from the language or how to change the language settings on his phone.

This marks the only occasion ever that Trump has used a different language on the website, which he is so obsessed with.

Although the Iranian government has blamed 'human error and US adventurism' for the plane crash it is clear that the Iranian people are not happy with this incident and protestors have been filmed calling for Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to step down.

Trump's Farsi tweets are clearly an attempt to get the Iranian people on his side but as many of his biggest critics have pointed out, it wasn't so long ago that he was oppressing the Iranian people and others from the region for their religion and preventing them from entering the United States.

Star Wars actor and prominent Trump critic Mark Hamill used the president's tweet against him by using Farsi to say:

Please ignore the fact that I created a travel ban for you and threatened to bomb your cultural sites.

This Trump parody account probably summed up best what was actually going on in the president's head.


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