Trump is now inadvertently declaring that Joe Biden has won the election - on his own tweets

Donald Trump has been in denial about the election results for a long, long time now but it would appear that he is finally starting to admit the truth, albeit inadvertently.

Apart from the most loyal and hardcore of Trump supporters, everybody on the planet knows that Joe Biden is the president-elect and will be sworn in as the next POTUS on 20th January, whether Trump likes it or not. 

However, due to his incessant ramblings and promotion of baseless conspiracy theories on Twitter, Trump has been flagged or censored by the social media website hundreds of times for spreading misinformation. 

It’s now gotten to the point that Twitter is having to actually flag that Biden has won the election on Trump’s own tweets. Allow us to explain.

Last week, the electoral college cast their ballots to confirm that Biden was the president-elect and had enough points to be declared as the winner of the election.

Now that this has happened and the election results have been confirmed, Twitter has begun to introduce a new message to the Trump tweets that they have been flagging which reads: ‘Election officials have certified that Joe Biden as the winner of the US presidential election.’

Trump tweets have been flagged with this message a handful of times over the last number of days when he has either promoted baseless claims or claimed that he won the election.

This is slightly more embarrassing for Trump than the use warning he has been hit with that says ‘This claim about election fraud is disputed.’ 

That being said it is unlikely to stop Trump from raging about frauds and conspiracies but every time time he does it he’ll at least be promoting the truth.

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