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On Tuesday, Trump tweeted his congratulations and thanks to Attorney General Bill Barr for stepping in and reducing the sentence for the president's associate Roger Stone.

Stone, who was facing a potential seven-to-nine years in prison for seven felony counts of obstruction, saw the suggested sentence significantly lessened after Barr and the Department of Justice's intervention.

This came after Trump had gone on a Twitter tirade over the sentencing, leading Hillary Clinton to compare him to a 'failed state fascist' for his intimidation of a federal judge.

Once this had been reversed, Trump was much happier and thanked Barr while also moaning about the Robert Mueller probe, branding it 'improperly brought and tainted' and accusing Mueller of lying to Congress.

On any other day, Trump praising one of his allies wouldn't raise many eyebrows.

However, in the time-honoured tradition of 'there is always a Trump tweet,' it would appear that Trump isn't a fan of the DOJ influencing ongoing federal cases.

In June 2017, just a few months into his presidency, Trump complained about Barack Obama's attorney general Loretta Lynch for allegedly having influence over the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton and those infamous emails.

Predictably the tweet has resurfaced in the wake of Trump's comments about Barr and people aren't surprised in the slightest.

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