This Trump Jr tweet mocking the Clinton impeachment has aged terribly

This Trump Jr tweet mocking the Clinton impeachment has aged terribly

Donald Trump Jr's dear old dad has become the third president to ever be impeached after Democrats won a vote against the Trump in the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

While his dad has been busy moaning about the impeachment at a rally in Michigan, Trump Jr has been emulating his father by going on a tweetstorm, retweeting just about anyone who disagrees with the impeachment.

Before he started to do that, Trump Jr should have probably considered going back through his old tweets to make sure that there wasn't anything embarrassing in there, a fate that his father often falls foul of.

Well, like father, like son there was something in there.

Because there's always a tweet.

Back in September 2016, before his father became president, Trump Jr was lashing out at the Clinton's, who were also a family who were on the receiving end of an impeachment back in 1998.

Presumably posted as an attack on Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election, Trump Jr wrote:

Dear Clintons,

You know what's deplorable?

Being impeached!!!


Trump Jr had probably forgotten that this tweet even existed but the good people of Twitter didn't as it has since resurfaced and people thoroughly roasting him in the light of recent events.

Trump is unlikely to be ousted from office because of the impeachment as it will most likely be defeated in the Republican controlled Senate.

That being said the entire Trump administration and his family are likely to be furious at this result. What we would give to be a fly on the wall at their Christmas dinner.

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