This Trump tweet about his impeachment has aged very badly


The House of Representatives in the United States have voted to impeach Donald Trump, on the grounds of 'abuse of power' and 'obstruction of Congress.'

This has thus made Trump only the third president in US history, behind Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, to be successfully impeached.

Things will now be handed over to the senate where they will decide at some point in January whether Trump should be ousted from office, although that is unlikely as the senate has a Republican majority rule and are unlikely to vote against the president.

What will actually happen in January remains to be seen but it still shouldn't distract from that fact that Trump has just been impeached and he is livid about it. Here was his totally normal reaction:

However, it wasn't so long ago that Trump was sharing inaccurate images of the US electoral map claiming that he couldn't be impeached because lots of people had voted for him.

Given what has just happened to Trump, people have been more than happy to share this tweet again thus proving that there is "always a tweet."

Overall, the reaction to the impeachment has been one of joy and laughter, all at the expense of Trump who will no doubt be unable to do or talk about anything else for weeks to come.

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