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Troops in Trump’s Fourth of July event are being advised to say they’re proud of their 'vehicle/tank’ – and people think it’s hilarious.

A document obtained by Mother Jones from a guide to how the Department of Defence wants military personnel to talk to the media has been distributed by the Pentagon, and it goes without saying that it's pretty strange.

In a tweet, they wrote:

SCOOP: @MotherJones obtained the Pentagon guidance to troops in Trump’s July 4th event: Say 'I am proud of my job and my vehicle/tank.'

On the card, it specifies that the Department of Defence would like members of the public to do one thing in particular if they're approached by a member of the public: make sure to say that they love their tank.

Yes, that's really it.

In fact, the Department of Defence would like military personnel to be 'proud' for a number of reasons. Underneath the overall messages, the guide suggests:

I am proud of my job and my vehicle/tank. I am glad to share my experience with American People.

It also proposes that they say:

I am proud to honor the Nation and the Armed Forces during this Independence Day Celebration.

Following that is a list of 'do's' and 'don'ts', with 'dos' including 'smile and have fun', and 'don'ts' including don't 'guess, lie, or speculate'. No, we're not sure quite what that means, either.

Finally, it closes with general tips for talking to a reporter:

Relax and speak to America.

Great, thanks, guys!

After the picture was shared on social media, many people responded that they found the whole thing pretty hilarious.

Some took the opportunity to express pride in their own jobs.

Others found the 'scoop' somewhat underwhelming.

Relax, and speak to America, guys!

Others said that actually, they're proud of their tanks, too!

What on Earth has this country come to?

Others thought that the whole thing was surreal.

HT Mother Jones

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