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Nike has cancelled its 'Fourth of July' Air Max 1 trainers after Colin Kaepernick reportedly persuaded the brand to withdraw them, and Donald Trump Jr has responded with an epic self-own. Hurrah!

The footwear and sports brand pulled the sneakers, which featured the original American flag designed by Betsy Ross, with 13 stars in a circle, after the quarterback objected to the use of the flag, claiming that it was inextricably linked to the nation's early history of slavery.

The trainers were set to be released Monday with a price tag of $140 to commemorate Independence Day in the US.

Taking to Twitter, the president of the United States' eldest son posted what he thought was a brilliant riposte, by sharing some communist-themed trainers. Yep, that was his hot take.

In a tweet, he wrote:

If the Betsy Ross Flag, the flag of the American Revolution, is too offensive for Nike to commemorate The 4th of July maybe Nike should go with this... seems to be more in line with their views.

Unfortunately for him, however, other Twitter users soon expressed that they actually loved the trainers, and the whole thing became a hilarious self-own.

Some thought that a slightly, erm, different design would be more appropriate.

While many others said they'd pay very good money for the communist-themed footwear.

And thought that the trainers were 'dope'.

Others said that they understand that reading is challenging, but that he should have educated himself a little more.

Maybe it's a means of... distraction...

In a statement regards their decision to withdraw the trainers, Nike said:

We regularly make business decisions to withdraw initiatives, products and services.

Nike made the decision to halt distribution of the Air Max 1 Quick Strike Fourth of July based on concerns that it could unintentionally offend and detract from the nation’s patriotic holiday.

indy100 has contacted Nike for comment.

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