It’s a golden rule of life that, no matter the topic, there’s an awkward Donald Trump tweet for everything.

From policy positions, to his bizarre obsession with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s break up, Trump’s pre-presidential Twitter is a fascinating mess.

Before there was any vague expectation on Trump to behave with any kind of dignity or decorum – not that there’s much of that now – no topic was off limits.

But as Trump arrives in London for his state visit with the Royals, a tweet from 2012 is coming back to haunt him.

Trump’s tweet references a furore that occurred after a French magazine published pictures of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, when she was sunbathing nude.

The images were allegedly taken using a zoom from miles away, and the publication’s decision to publish them prompted a debate into privacy and exploitation of women in the public eye. Generally, the decision to publish photos of the Duchess was widely condemned as intrusive and wrong.

Though seemingly Trump disagreed at the time.

Given Trump’s visit to the UK, which includes a stay in Buckingham Palace and tea with Kate’s father-in-law Prince Charles, is in full swing, people have been retweeting the old tweet.

Clearly, lots of people didn’t agree at the time Trump tweeted it. Here's a selection of the replies:

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