10 of the strangest things that happened when Trump left the White House for the last time

10 of the strangest things that happened when Trump left the White House for the last time

Donald Trump has officially left the White House and given his last ever public address as a the president of the United States of America.

After four of the most divisive and tumultuous years in American history, Trump waved goodbye to the White House via helicopter as he and his wife made their way to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland where he gave a speech to a small crowd which was watched by members of his family. 

Trump was able to do this and leave with such a focus on him because he refused to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration breaking a long holding tradition by outgoing presidents.

Such is the case, Trump managed to make a real show of things in his final hours as president, starting by addressing the press outside the White House, a group of people that he has shown tremendous disdain for, telling them ‘thank you’ and adding “we love the American people.”

When Trump arrived at the destination of his final speech, he was greeted by the tune of Journey’s seminal classic ‘Dont Stop Believin.’ No, we are not making this up.

After a few words from Melania, Trump began to speak and started with a false claim about how unemployment figures have fallen under his leadership.

Trump then starts to take credit for anything that might happen under the Biden administration much like he took credit for the legacy left to him by the Obama administration.

Things started to take a strange turn when Trump mentioned his much-mocked Space Force programme which appeared to cause some of his children to breakdown in tears. Once again, we are not making this up.

Trump champions the amount of votes that he got in the election, which he still managed to lose.

Even when there is no need, Trump still insists on calling Covid-19 the ‘Chinavirus.’

A classic from Trump, as for what feels like the millionth time, he gets confused as to when the 1917 Spanish flu pandemic happened.

Trump ends his short speech in a confusing manner by suggesting that he might run for president again but adds “have a good life.” The speech is marked with the routine playing of ‘YMCA.’

And there he goes jetting off on Air Force One for the final time. Who knows when we’ll see him again.

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