On Thursday Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Bossier City, Louisiana where he encouraged his supporters to vote for Eddie Rispone, the Republican who was running for state governor.

Speaking to his followers, Trump urged them to go out and back Rispone who had put up a very strong fight against Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards.

Believing that they could oust Edwards, Trump put his full support behind his fellow Republican and visited the state three times in the past two weeks.

In one, now poignant moment in Thursday's speech, the president mentioned the race in Kentucky, where Republican Matt Bevin, conceded the vote but would have done much worse without Trump's involvement.

The governor got brought up in just a few short days - 19 points.

I went, we made a speech, the whole ticket was there. Everybody won big. The governor is a really good guy.

But 19 points is a big thing and he lost by just a few thousand votes and the headlines the next day: 'Trump took a loss.'

Not wishing for this to happen again, Trump then asked his fans to not only elect Rispone but also give him a "big win".

So, Trump took a loss, so you gotta give me a big win, OK?

Sadly for Trump, this do not happen, as Edwards came out on top in the race, winning the election by 51 per cent of the vote, which was confirmed on Saturday evening.

As you can imagine, with Trump only asking his supporters days ago to back his endorsement and them failing to do so, the president's critics have been revelling in his misfortune.

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