Trump is selling ‘Make America Great Again’ Halloween hats and everyone is making the same joke


Donald Trump's distinctive red "Make America Great Again" caps have been given a make over for Halloween.

What was once red is now orange, and now sports a pumpkin face on the front.

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Don't worry Trump fans, the slogan is still there but just on the back instead.

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This new take on the infamous hat has been released through Trump's apparel line and will cost you $45.

Perhaps, unsurprisingly this gimmicky piece of head gear has already sold out on the website, once again proving that you can't put a price on taste.

Oh and don't forget that it is "proudly made in the USA."

A few notable Twitter accounts have already promoted the cap, including the official GOP account, and Lara Trump, wife of Donald's son Eric.

We have a few questions about this.

Firstly, did they really need to "Make Halloween Great Again?" Surely Trump made it scary enough already.

Secondly, did they really think using an orange monster was the best way to promote the President?

We're not the only people to have noticed this small oversight...

HT NY Daily News

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