Trump’s Mar-a-Lago neighbours really, really want him to retire somewhere else

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago neighbours really, really want him to retire somewhere else

It turns out that Trump’s Florida neighbours are definitely not interested in the soon-to-be former president living next door – and are trying hard to prevent him from moving back permanently.

In fact, Trump’s neighbours are taking legal action to make sure he doesn’t move back full time to his Mar-a-Lago beach residence, according to a Washington Post report.

The president had been reportedly planning to move to Mar-a-Lago – often referred to as Trump’s “winter White House" – permanently when he leaves the White House in January.

(During his presidency, Trump changed his permanent residency from New York to Florida – the golf resort has long been one of his favourites in his network of properties.)

And so some of his neighbours wrote a letter to Palm Beach authorities as well as the Secret Service saying that Trump has no legal right to live there full time, The Post reported.

In a copy of the letter, the neighbors mentioned an agreement that Trump signed in 1993 that said no guest can stay at the club for more than "three non-consecutive seven day periods" during one year. Neighbors of the club have also frequently complained about issues such as traffic jams caused by Trump’s visits.

The letter says Palm Beach officials should notify Trump that he is not allowed to live at Mar-a-Lago to avoid an "embarrassing situation" where the former president could face an eviction.

And it seems the notion that Trump is unwelcome may not just apply to those living in the luxurious Palm Beach area, as one person commented on Twitter about the news: “That goes for the rest of us in this state as well”. 

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