Donald Trump’s own children seem to like him a lot. Even Tiffany, who he’s previously admitted to being “less” proud of than his other kids.

But speaking to the anti-abortion rally March For Life, Trump has vowed to be a champion of “unborn” children.

Trump is the first sitting president to address America’s largest anti-abortion demonstration. He claimed that unborn babies had never had a "stronger defender" in history, and pledged to maintain his support for religious liberties.

But there’s certainly an irony in Trump pledging to defend “unborn" children, while having a noticeably different approach to children who’ve actually been born and are living in the world.

Remember all those refugee children who’ve been locked in cages and separated from their families? What about becoming a “defender” of them?

The Trump administration even tried to get out of giving these vulnerable kids flu shots or toothpaste to brush their teeth with.​

And what about all the kids living in poverty, or without healthcare, or living in fear of mass shootings?

So excuse us if we’re going to take Trump’s politically opportunistic pledge to care about children with a grain of salt.

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