Trump goes on bizarre rant about plastic straws and McDonalds in latest campaign rally

Trump goes on bizarre rant about plastic straws and McDonalds in latest campaign rally
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Trump went on another bizarre rant at a campaign rally this week, talking about banning plastic straws and a friend of his who owns Wendy’s, the fast food chain.

Trump made these remarks during a campaign rally in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. It was held outdoors and a crowd of thousands of people still showed up – despite the bans on large gatherings – without masks and social distancing to hear him speak.

At the rally, Trump said:

They want to ban straws. Has anybody ever tried those paper straws” They are not working too good. Right?

I said, I have had a couple meals at McDonald's, etc, over the years. Wendy's. A friend of mine owns Wendy's, I will give it a plug. Right? Burger King."

He then went on to say, “What about the carton? What about the plate? What about the knives and the straws and the spoons and the plastic?” to laughter from the audience.

He also said:

Has anyone ever tried the straws made out of paper? It disintegrates as you drink it.

These remarks came in the middle of comments about the coronavirus pandemic more generally. He falsely claimed that “we’re rounding the turn on the pandemic” and said “your stocks are going up”.

Trump has been holding campaign rallies like these for the last couple of weeks as his team gears up for the election in November. He says that he prefers these kinds of events to stadium events – such as his ill-fated campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma – because he can just “get the hell out of here” after he’s done.

He also made comments about Biden, saying that “I have never seen a man that liked a mask more,” and that there could be a potential coronavirus vaccine “before the end of October.”

We won't hold our breath.

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