Today marks Donald Trump’s last full day in the White House before Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday and let’s just say that he and his closest allies are not out with their chins up.

Not only will the president not be in attendance at the inauguration. but his wifeMelania will also break a tradition that had lasted for 100 years where the outgoing first lady gives her successor a tour of the White House’s family wing.

Instead, Joe and Jill Biden will be greeted by a White House usher on Wednesday afternoon with the Trumps expected to have departed for Mar-a-Lago that morning.

Melania’s break from tradition has caused an uproar across the country, especially as the Obamas were very accommodating to the Trumps despite the negative, hurtful and racist comments that they had made about them before the 2016 election. 

For many people, Melania’s stance has served as a reminder of a now powerful image from Trump’s first day in the White House where the Obamas welcomed their successors with open arms.

News of the snub emerged shortly before Melania released a farewell message.  

In a near seven-minute speech the outgoing first lady managed to denounce the violence that rocked the US capital on 6 January, a riot that many felt was instigated by her husband and led to an unprecedented second impeachment for the president.

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