6 of the most baffling and outrageous things Trump said this week

6 of the most baffling and outrageous things Trump said this week

Believe it or not, we’re still two months away from the election.

Yes, time has slowed down to an interminable drudge

Nevertheless, Donald Trump is still making the rounds and still making bizarre remarks.

From downplaying the seriousness of coronavirus to questionable choices in campaign song, here are seven of his top hits from this week.

1. When he tweeted congratulating JP Morgan on ‘ordering’ staff back to the office on 9/11

The 11 September marks the day two planes crashed into New York’s World Trade Centre, killing nearly 3,000 and changing the world forever. The solemnity of the occasion led presidential nominee Joe Biden to pull his ads from TV and promise to focus on the occasion in hand.

Trump however could not resist getting out a tweet about the economy, celebrating banking firm JP Morgan for ‘ordering’ staff back to the office in the middle of the pandemic.

Safe to say people weren’t impressed.

At all.

Maybe he’ll get it next year.

2. Played a song about a draft-dodging son of a millionaire as his campaign entrance music

It’s impossible to parody Donald Trump – he’s already three irony-laden steps ahead at any given time.

Like choosing to disembark from his private jet to greet a crowd at a rally in Michigan to the stains of ‘Fortunate Son’ by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

For those unfamiliar, the song tells the story of the son of a millionaire who uses his wealth to dodge the military draft and avoid tax.

A bit on the nose...

3. Admitted he downplayed the deadliness of coronavirus

There’s not much that sticks to Donald Trump but this might.

Famed journalist Bob Woodward’s new book about Trump, 'Rage', is set to go on sale next week.

And it contains a load of revelations that are shocking, even for the standards Trump has set.

One of the details grabbing the most headlines is Trump’s apparent admission that he knew how deadly coronavirus was but deliberately “played it down”.

Woodward had 18 separate conversations with the president for his research. During one, on 7 February, Trump told Woodward:

You just breathe the air and that's how it's passed. And so that's a very tricky one. That's a very delicate one. It's also more deadly than even your strenuous flus.

Trump has not denied the claims, instead defending himself by saying he had to “show calm”.


4. Demanded a reporter remove their mask during a speech

During Trump’s rambling Labor Day speech, Reuters White House correspondent Jeff Mason attempted to ask the president about the allegations that he called dead soldiers “losers” and “suckers”.

Trump did not like the question – or the protective mask Mason was wearing.

Interrupting him mid-question, Trump said:

You’re going to have to take that off please… you can take it off – how many feet are you away?

“I’ll speak louder,” retorted Mason.

Trump wasn’t happy with that, arguing:

Well if you don’t take it off, you’re very muffled so if you would take it off, it’d be a lot easier.

Mason refused to give way however and Trump eventually conceded that it was “A lot better,” with a sigh.

Mask 1, Trump 0.

5. When he promised to send someone to Mars if he wins the election

Trump’s campaign stop in Michigan saw him make all his usual grandiose statements. But he decided to shoot even further than the moon – this time Trump promised that if he’s re-elected, he’ll put someone on Mars.

Who exactly asked for this?

Maybe Trump himself would like to volunteer to make the trip...

6. Tried to get a Fox News reporter fired

By all reports, Trump is extremely rattled by a recent story that alleged he called fallen soldiers “losers” and “suckers” alongside other offensive remarks that apparently disparaged military veterans.

And even usual ally Fox News wasn’t on hand to help; instead reporter Fox Jennifer Griffin said she’d independently verified the remarks Trump is accused of making, from her own source.

Trump was not happy and immediately called for her firing.

But Griffin is standing by her reporting – and she’s got the backing of the network too…

Who will win this particular battle of wills?

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