Trump-supporting pillow entrepreneur leaves people speechless with bizarre Fox News interview
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One of the strangest people to emerge as a prominent Trump supporter in 2020, is Mike Linfell, the founder of pillow company MyPillow.

The conservative has spoken at the White House this year, where he showered Trump with praise. He has also appeared on CNN where he claimed that ‘God has given him a platform’ to promote completely baseless treatments for coronavirus

Well, he was back on television this past weekend. Lindell randomly appeared on Fox News, as he was part of a protest that was happening outside the home of Georgia governor, Brian Kemp’s home on Friday, which apparently featured a ‘hearse carrying some ballots representing dead people.’ 

Ahead of the state’s upcoming run-off elections on 5 January, Lindell was asked what Republicans can do to gain control of the state in Senate. Rather than go into that in any great detail he instead spouted conspiracy theories and claimed, without irony, that Trump will be the president for the next four years.

He said: “I want the word to get out that Donald Trump will be our president for the next four years. I talked to Sidney Powell about three, four days ago, so I know firsthand. When I go all in like I did for the president in 2016, I do my due diligence and I get out there, and I could sit here and tell you, 100 per cent . Not 98, 100 per cent."

He continued by talking about a March for Trump bus tour, that he is going on across the country to spread awareness of the so-called corruption. He said:

"We are going all the way across the country, I sponsored this, and we are going to end up in DC. I want people to have the awareness of what went on because the mainstream media is not showing you this, but all the corruption, by the time it’s all opened up here and they see it, even the Democrats are going to go, ‘Wow, at least my party tried to steal it.'”

Lindell later repeated the same rhetoric on Right Side Broadcast News and then later on OANN.

Needless to say, people were very confused by Lindell playing fast and loose with the truth.

Lindell didn’t seem to appreciate the coverage of his Fox interview by MediaITE but judging by his Twitter output he is clearly sticking to his guns on this whole ‘four more years’ thing. 

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