Furious Trump supporters are now trying to file a lawsuit against Mike Pence
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Trump supporters desperately trying to block Joe Biden from being sworn in as president have filed a lawsuit against some truly bizarre targets.

Not only are the conservative Thomas More Society taking legal action against vice president Mike Pence, but also against the US senate, the house of representatives and the electoral college. Basically – the entire government except for Trump.

Pence and others named in legal documents are accused of running the election illegally and disenfranchising voters.

Their complaints echo claims made in Trump’s own lawsuits against various states and his insistence that the election was rigged against him.

Trump has been unable to prove that losing the election was as a result of mass voter fraud and most of his lawsuits have been thrown out.

Now that the electoral college has officially named Biden president-elect, a number of key Republicans including Mitch McConnell have acknowledged his victory, as well as foreign leaders Trump considered allies.

Mike Pence has not yet done so, however, making the lawsuit against him all the more bizarre.

Attorney Mark Elias described it as “really dumb” while another called it “embarrassing to the legal profession”.

The lawsuit is unlikely to get very far, not least because it argues that Pence shouldn’t be allowed to count electoral college votes when this has already happened.

*Face palms*

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