MSNBC host leaves viewers in hysterics by ‘accidentally’ trolling Trump with a Tom Cruise film clip

MSNBC host leaves viewers in hysterics by ‘accidentally’ trolling Trump with a Tom Cruise film clip

For the past four years and more, we’ve seen Donald Trump trolled, mocked and turned into almost every meme possible and yet we are still astounded when people come up with new and creative ways to get one over on the former president

Well, the lastest contender and arguably reigning champion of Trump trolling is MSNBC News’ Brian Williams, the host of the 11th Hour show. Williams, who was joined by conservative pundit Bill Kristol and comedian Baratunde Thurston, was covering the story of Trump’s reported meeting at his Mar-a-Lago resort with House minority leader Kevin McCarthy

The story is that McCarthy met with Trump earlier this week with the agreement that Trump’s Save America political action committee will help the Republican’s regain control of the House at the 2022 midterm elections. The meeting was reportedly confirmed in a press release from Trump’s team which was described as a “very good and cordial” meeting. 

When looking at the story, Williams took an unusual and quite frankly hilarious approach to it. The host told Kristol and Thurston that they had gained exclusive footage of the meeting between Trump and McCarthy but what they saw clearly wasn’t a clip of the ex-president. Instead, they were shown the iconic "you had me at hello" scene from the 1996 Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger movie Jerry Maguire

While he two guests couldn’t contain their laughter, Williams was either feigning his humour or was genuinely not expecting to see the clip. In a deadpan style, he said, “Obviously, we have rolled the wrong clip and we were sold a bill of goods here. I thought this was going to be the McCarthy and Trump meeting. Someone of course is going to be in big trouble.”

Logic would suggest that Williams knew that this clip was going to be shown, otherwise there has been an astounding mistake made somewhere along the production line. Many on Twitter praised Williams for the gag, calling it “the greatest news clip ever” which has now been viewed more than 3 million times.

The joke was later confirmed as intentional by Thurston who admitted that he was in awe of “Brian and his team’s comedic choice” and was “jealous it was not my idea.”

Williams did later express the gravity of the situation involving Trump and the Republicans, saying “you got the leader of the Republicans in the House going down to kiss the ring and God knows what else, meeting with a deposed former president in his under decorated Florida home. Is that because this is the only game they have, they badly need his supporters and the thing they fear the most is having his supporters turn against them?”

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