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In the wake of Donald Trump's controversial 'travel ban', more commonly dubbed a 'Muslim ban,' countries and indeed states in America have been rebelling against the leader of the 'free' world.

In an executive order, signed at the Pentagon on Friday, Mr Trump imposed wide reaching travel restrictions for up to 90 days on Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

The United States refugee admissions programme was suspended for 120 days and Syrian refugees have been banned indefinitely.

The order also introduced a cap of 50,000 refugees to be accepted in 2017.

As the locations affected by Trump's ban are Muslim majority countries, it's been widely perceived by many as 'Muslim ban,' sparking outrage in countries and cities around the world.

The old adage goes, 'fight fire with fire,' so many countries and cities are seeking to ban or restrict Trump any way they can.


In Canada, protestors gathered outside the US Consulate to voice their concerns over the restriction of movement invoked by the Trump administration.

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau offered refuge in Canada to those stranded in US airports because of the ban.


Iran's response was perhaps the most direct from the international community against Trump.

Iran's foreign affairs ministry told CNN they would take...

...proportionate legal, consular and political action [and] will take reciprocal measures in order to safeguard the rights of its citizens until the time of the removal of the insulting restrictions of the government of the United States against Iranian nationals.


Here in Blighty a petition to deny Donald Trump a state visit (but not specifically banning him from entering the UK) was launched.

By 31 Jan it had over 1 million signatures.

Peaceful protesters also took to the streets to march against Trump's ban and Theresa May's apparent appeasement of it.

Conversely, it is important to mention that a counter petition, demanding that Trump be allowed to make a State visit to the UK was also launched.

At time of writing this has garnered 200,000 signatures.


In Germany, The Green Party proposed a retaliatory ban on President Trump travelling to Germany.

Green party parliamentary spokesman Dieter Janecek told Handelsblatt at the weekend.

If the USA does not immediately rescind this insane travel block for representative Omid Nouripour and other German citizens, then we should block Donald Trump’s trip to the G20 summit in Hamburg. It is not possible to have serious discussions under these circumstances.


It wasn't in response directly to Donald Trump's travel ban, but Mexico were one of the earliest adopters of banning Trump from their country.

In March 2016, Mexico City’s lawmakers urged the federal government to take action to ban Donald Trump.

The proposal was introduced by the left-wing Democratic Revolutionary Party (DRP).


But it's not just countries that are rebelling against Trump - certain American States are filing lawsuits against the President.

Massachusetts, New York, Virginia and Washington have all launched similar lawsuits against the White House.

Washington was the first State to being legal proceedings against the 'Muslim ban' with New York joining on Tuesday.

Eric Schneiderman, the New York state attorney general, described the executive order as 'unconstitutional'.

While Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey echoed to the press:

At bottom, what this is about is a violation of the constitution.

It discriminates against people because of their religion [and] it discriminates against people because of their country of origin

Online retail giant Amazon, whose headquarters are located in Washington State, pledged their support to the legal action being brought against the Trump administration.

The State of Virginia got involved when two Yemeni brothers arrived at Dulles with residency green cards and plans to join their father in Michigan. Agents enforced the travel ban however, and put them on a flight back to East Africa.

Elsewhere, San Francisco became the first city to sue The Trump team over the defunding of sanctuaries for refugees.

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