Donald Trump literally sang about declaring a national emergency during his White House speech

Donald Trump gave one of his trademark long and rambling speeches to the press in the White House rose garden.

The speech was to declare a national emergency on US-Mexico border security in order to get funding for the controversial project and avoid another government shutdown.

After the initial announcement, Trump went off on an unusual way of describing the various legal challenges that the national emergency will pose them.

He didn't do it by quoting Shakespeare or waxing philosophically about the nature of a wall. No, like Mark Corrigan trying to impress Sophie in season two of Peep Show, he broke into an impromptu song.

That is literally the president of the United States of America signing his way through a speech, and not in the cool way that Obama would sing Al Green either.

Reaction to this on Twitter was one of utter disbelief.

This is literally scarier than the kids singing the Freddy Krueger song in Nightmare on Elm Street.

Still, this isn't the first time that Trump has sung (badly) on a public stage.

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