Trump shared a video of him dressed as a farmer and singing to celebrate the passing of a major bill

Trump shared a video of him dressed as a farmer and singing to celebrate the passing of a major bill

Donald Trump's recent Twitter output has been awful, which isn't completely unusual, but one tweet that he posted yesterday might be his worst, greatest and weirdest all rolled into one.

Ahead of the farm policy legislation being passed by both the House and the Senate on Thursday, which is one of the most significant bills that he has managed to get approved throughout his presidency, Trump revisited an old classic from his past.

Harking back to the 2005 Emmy Awards, when he was still just a lowly reality TV show host, Trump appeared on stage dressed as a farmer from the 1960s and sang a rendition of the Green Acres theme tune, alongside Will & Grace actress Megan Mullally.

It seems far too strange to believe, but then again this is Trump we're talking about and he's about to go on his Christmas holidays, so perhaps he was just feeling jolly and decided to give everyone a laugh.

Trump, who isn't blessed with the best signing voice, belts out a few bars and is just as weird as he has always been, but we're not sure he would agree with these lyrics anymore:

Green acres is the place to be. Farm living is the life for me.

Land spreading out so far and wide - keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside.

That is, unless the countryside is full of golf courses, as we really can't imagine the famed germaphobe enjoying life on a farm.

Reaction to Trump posting the video on Twitter was understandably that of horror, hilarity and confusion.

Others were very concerned once they realised the actual president, a man with many important responsibilities, had posted this video.

The bizarreness of this entire tweet makes us wonder if Trump actually tweeted it, as we doubt he knows how to actually embed a video or know what '#TBT' stands for.

If you're wondering what Megan Mullally thought of this whole thing, she spoke about it during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in 2016. Spoiler: she didn't enjoy it.

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