Trump told Nigel Farage he has a 'magic wand' and people are very confused

In one of the more surreal moments of recent years, an era that could have been directed by David Lynch, Donald Trump called Nigel Farage’s LBC show and started to talk about his “magic wand”.

We can probably conclude that the “magic wand” in question has nothing to do with the Stormy Daniels scandal but people are unsure exactly what the president might be referring to.

In the call, which has gone viral, Trump says:

I have a magic wand, I could deal with it very easily, all I have to do is a certain step and they’ll be coming and dealing with me very easily.

After suggesting that Farage has a similar magic wand, Trump goes on to say that America has no intentions of taking over the NHS and suggesting that such a theory was put out by Jeremy Corbyn.

The people of Twitter were understandably baffled by this.

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