Farage thinks that Trump defunding the WHO is a 'good call' and suggest the British government should do the same

Farage thinks that Trump defunding the WHO is a 'good call' and suggest the British government should do the same

Nigel Farage has praised Donald Trump's controversial decision to stop funding the World Health Organisation and has appeared to suggest that the British government follow suit.

The US president made the announcement during Tuesday's coronavirus press briefing, claiming the WHO had "failed in its basic duty" and had been biased towards China throughout the entirety of the pandemic to date.

Speaking at the White House, Trump said:

I am directing my administration to halt funding while a review is conducted to assess the World Health Organisation's role in severely mismanaging and covering up the spread of the coronavirus.

Trump's decision to halt the funding of such a crucial organisation during a pandemic which has already claimed hundreds of thousands of lives around the world has been met with despair by many, but his old pal, Nigel Farage thinks that it is a good move from the president.

The leader of the Brexit Party, who is a friend of Trump's, hailed the move as a 'good call' and admitted that it was a 'shame that the UK government continues to pour in money' into the WHO.

Now we can hardly begrudge Farage cozying up to his bigger, more powerful friend but even he, who has aired his concerns about Covid-19, could surely see that taking money away from the WHO at such a time is a bad idea, even if he has blamed the outbreak on China.

As you can imagine, the Brexit Party leader's take on the issue hasn't gone down too well.

The US is the biggest single funder of the WHO, having provided $400m to them between 2018 and 2019. The UK donates approximately £300m but the second-largest funder of the orgainisation after the US is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which reportedly provides 9.76 per cent of WHO funds. As you can imagine, Bill Gates wasn't too impressed with Trump's decision.

I don't know about you but if I had to listen to the advice of anyone in a pandemic I would definitely prefer it to be Bill Gates over Donald Trump and Nigel Farage.

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