Hillary Clinton compares Trump to 'failed state fascist' over his harassment of federal judge

Hillary Clinton compares Trump to 'failed state fascist' over his harassment of federal judge

On Tuesday the president lashed out at federal judges on Twitter over the conviction of his longtime adviser and 'operative' Roger Stone, who is facing seven to nine years in prison.

Trump began calling out US District Judge Amy Berman Jackson on Tuesday evening for also being involved in the case against Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort, who was given a 47 month sentence.

When Trump learnt of her involvement in Stone's prosecution, thanks to a tweet from NBC contributor Katie Phang, he claimed that gangster Al Capone didn't have to endure anything like this and also asked how Jackson had treated "crooked Hillary Clinton."

This attack on Jackson and Clinton didn't not go unnoticed and the latter responded to the president's tweet comparing him to a '"failed-state fascist" for openly criticising a judge.

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi also called out Trump's comments calling for the 'stepping down of prosecutors' to be investigated.

In January 2019, Stone was convicted of seven felony counts of obstruction and is accused of collaborating with Julian Assange in order to uncover discrediting information about the Clinton campaign. He was then found guilty in November of last year.

Trump then appeared to make reference to the federal judge James Wolfe who was sentenced to two months in prison for lying to the FBI about his relationship to reporters and the leaking of classified information.

He then retweeted a post from a page called 'Israel & USA forever' calling for a full pardon for Stone and his former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, who recently attempted to withdraw a guilty plea he made more than two years ago.

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