Late on Saturday evening, Donald Trump made a quite frankly shocking revelation when he declared that he had intended to meet 'major Taliban leaders' at Camp David on Sunday.

This shocking piece of news seemingly came out of nowhere, with the president announcing that the 'secret meeting' between himself and the Taliban and another meeting with the president of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani.

According to Trump, the meeting was called off after the Taliban claimed responsibility for an attack in Kabul, which killed a US soldier.

Trump's admittance has drawn ridicule and scorn from Twitter users who are shocked that the president would try and negotiate with the Taliban, especially on the eve of the eighteenth anniversary of 9/11.

The Taliban had given safe haven to Osama bin Laden, the man who is believed to have masterminded the attack in 2001.

Back in 2012, Barack Obama had attempted to start peace talks with the Taliban, in a bid to end the war in Afghanistan, but negotiations failed to make any serious headway.

At the time that the Obama administration tried to start the talks, Trump was still a rich reality TV show celebrity who wasn't too impressed about the then president talking to the Taliban.

In a tweet from January 2012, Trump slammed Obama for speaking our "sworn enemy the Taliban - who facilitated 9/11."

In light of recent news, people have begun to share this old Trump tweet again, in further proof that there is always an embarrassing tweet lurking in Trump's closet.

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