8 of the most bizarre moments from Trump's Good Morning Britain interview with Piers Morgan

8 of the most bizarre moments from Trump's Good Morning Britain interview with Piers Morgan

Donald Trump's trip to the UK is coming to an end but to say that it has been eventful would be a slight understatement, as he has literally dominated the news.

Whether it was awkward interactions with the Royal Family or saying controversial things during a press conference with the outgoing prime minister, the president has been unreserved in his surreal rhetoric.

This morning he was given a chance to answer some 'tough' questions about his politics and policies in a 'hard-hitting' interview with his old friend Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain.

Much like the last time these two spoke on British television, this conversation was just as bizarre and unpredictable, covering a variety of subjects, which included a u-turn on his comments about the NHS being on the table as part of a US-UK trade deal.

The interview took place in the famous Winston Churchill war rooms museum but, before it even aired, Trump was asking what channel he could watch it on, allegedly emailing Morgan on Tuesday night.

The nearly hour-long interview with the president started with comments about his mother being a fan of the British monarchy and then, in a bizarre juxtaposition, saw him elaborate on his comments about the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle being 'nasty'.

Trump then revealed a bit more about his chat with Prince Charles about climate change, a topic that Trump is famously sceptical of.

At one point Trump was asked about his fondness of Churchill and came out with a bizarre statement about Adolf Hitler and World War II.

He started by praising Churchill and his resolute nature throughout the war before saying:

Hitler was unstoppable at the time. People forget that at that time Hitler was virtually unstoppable. He was going through countries like cheese.

That's not exactly how we would say it but that's Trump for you.

Trump then tried to claim that he is loved in the UK, despite thousands of people lining the streets of London yesterday to oppose his presence in this country.

The president also tried to claim that the incident onboard the USS John McCain in Japan might not have even happened.

Trump then danced with controversy, by addressing his stance on trans people serving in the US military, something that he continues to object against.

The interview concluded on a truly odd image of Trump wearing a hat that was supposed to resemble one worn by Churchill, which Trump immediately damaged and just looked genuinely ridiculous with it on top of his head.

Initial reaction to the interview has been of intrigue and befuddlement, with Morgan being equally praised and criticised.

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