Donald Trump's state visit to the UK has already been eventful.

His first day in Britain was marred by controversial comments about London mayor Sadiq Kahn, as well as phallic images mowed into the fields beneath the flight path of Air Force One.

Then came the awkward interactions with the Royal Family - especially his odd handshake with the Queen, which was before the lavish banquet that was laid out for the Trump's by the Royals on Monday evening.

It's fair to say that Trump hasn't always been the snappiest of dressers but, at this particular event, he looked hopelessly out of place, wearing an ill-fitting tux, which social media was quick to roast him for.

Soon enough memes and jokes were floating around of the tux and to say they were hilarious would be an understatement.

It's almost pointless comparing Trump to Obama now but these two photos really say it all don't they?

Even though Trump looked awful, at least Melania looked nice and appeared to have made something resembling an effort.

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