Prior to today, Donald Trump followed just 47 people on Twitter. Now he follows just 46 after unfollowing Piers Morgan following a series of critiques aimed at the president over his handling over coronavirus.

The British journalist and broadcaster has been a long time friend of Trump, dating back to his time on The Apprentice which was then hosted by the current POTUS.

The two had followed each other on Twitter for many years but in the past few weeks, Morgan has been more critical than ever of Trump, over the president's negligent approach to the pandemic.

Firstly, Morgan appeared on CNN and accused Trump of failing the American people but things went up a notch on Friday following Trump's bizarre statement that injecting bleach could cure people of Covid-19.

After he was ridiculed for the statement, Trump tried to say that he was being 'sarcastic' which Morgan called 'bulls**t' and then tagged the president in a tweet urging him to 'stop this nonsense and get serious.'

Roughly an hour later, Morgan retweeted Joe Biden, Trump's presidential election rival, who mocked the bleach statement, telling people not to drink the cleaning product.

These series of tweets, which Trump would have no doubt seen on his timeline appear to have been the final straw and the president promptly hit unfollow on Morgan's account.

The Trump Alert Twitter account, which monitors all of the Trump family and administration's activities on the website confirmed this.

Bizarrely, a viral tweet from earlier this week and falsely claimed that Trump and unfollowed Morgan over his coronavirus stance, which now appears to have been strangely prophetic.

Morgan has since confirmed that Trump no longer follows him, citing a Daily Mail article he had written about the president for the reason behind Trump's decision.

Morgan's criticism of Trump and his bleach outburst came on the day that the United States surpassed more than 50,000 deaths from the virus and more than 900,000 confirmed cases.

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