Pro-Trump rally speaker in DC tells protesters to hug while yelling ‘mass spreader event’ repeatedly

Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic has been more scrutinised than any other world leader on the planet and his example has clearly had a trickle-down effect on his supporters. 

In perhaps one of the most shocking and careless moments seen since the outbreak of Covid-19, a speaker at a pro-Trump event in Freedom Plaza in Washington DC openly encouraged people to defy safety guidelines and spread conspiracy theories. 

A man, later identified as podcast host Clay Clark by the Huffington Post, started his speech by claiming, without evidence, that the “Covid-19 PCR tests are fake” before bragging about not wearing a mask in Whole Foods adding that "Jesus is king".

He wasn’t done there. His relatively short speech got worse when he actually told those in the crowd watching to turn to the person next to them, even if they didn’t know them and give them a hug. Clark then started yelling “it’s a mass spreader event!”

The footage has since made its way on to Twitter and people are shocked to say the least.

The United States has by far been hit with the most cases worldwide, exceeding 21.1 million reported cases and more than 357,000 deaths but

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